Your exObjects 2023

What’s happening this year?

By choosing an object associated with someone or something we love, we can reconnect.

Creative expression can lead to action, for example on climate change, or finding a fresh understanding of ourselves and others.

Your exObject contributions will be stitched together as 2023 rolls on.

Easy Chair image from ShinieShinie Antony’s father read the newspaper in this teak chair
while pontificating on the upcoming day (Easy Chair)

Read the exObjects contributed so far:

‘Souvenir’ by Anam Tariq

Souvenir image Anam Tariq 17.7.22 crop

‘Sadabahar’ by Sauma Afreen

Sadabahar image Sauma Afreen

‘While Losing’ by Areeba Husain

Earrings IMG-20220704-WA0009

‘Akhil’s BlackBerry, our treasure’ by Uday Vijayan

Akhil's blackberry

‘Dancing skirt’ by Mahboobeh Rajabi

skirt for web

‘It’s Another Kind of Love’ by Jayshree Tripathi

Aaee crop

‘Exercise Book’ by Ailsa Holland


‘My home and garden’ #3 by Devasiachan Benny

Flowers - smaller use for Part 3

‘Lost Garden of a Lost House’ #2 by Devasiachan Benny

Silk SMALL flowers in case

‘The Limp’ by Areeba Husain

Smaller shop Areeba Hussain 17.4.22

‘Keys of a Lost House’ #1 by Devasiachan Benny

2 separate keys IMG-20220326-083907

‘Pewter-covered Box’ by Dr Ailsa Holland

Pewter covered wooden box copyright Ailsa Holland

‘Easy Chair’ by Shinie Antony

Easy Chair image from Shinie

A Brief History of Cars’ by Afreena Islam-Wright


Baseball Cap’ by Sandra Mangan

Crop baseball cap with David

‘Watch’ by Dr Ailsa Holland

Ailsa's rose gold watch 29.1.22


Read exObject ‘Peace’ by A.T. Boyle

dove on turquoise.

Read exObject ‘Possibility’

Read ‘Lockdown #Parties trilogy’

One of Jean Boyle's famous chocolate ganache cakes - baked for her husband's 88th birthday - copyright A.T. Boyle


Create your own exObject

Riff on a similar object to a watch, or being watched, or walking in your sleep. Or choose a new object, any object, that reminds you of someone or something important, for example global warming.

1. Write a memory mixed with imaginative writing (50 – 300 words)
2. Or record a voice file up to 3 minutes long

Please include:
– an image, which doesn’t have to be the object, just one associated with your piece
– a caption for your image (1 – 30 words)
– Alt text describing what your object looks like (max 50 words)

Email your writing or recording, your image, caption and Alt text to us at: exObjects2022 @


By sharing our perspectives we aim to help others reconnect to the people and places we continue to love.

embroidery threads in box.

Please note: By taking part in the exObjects collaboration you’re agreeing that your contribution can be shown on this website and in related media and activities. This is a non-exclusive license agreement, where you retain copyright in your work and are free to show it elsewhere.


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