Pewter-covered Box

by Dr Ailsa Holland

According to my mum, Gran loved an evening class. This box is from one she took in pewter beating, while she was working in the civil service in Edinburgh — before she was married and had to give up her job. I can’t decide whether the shapes are flowers, butterflies or moths, but I love the movement in it.

Pewter covered wooden box copyright Ailsa Holland

                         Wooden box covered in beaten pewter

Gran also took classes in cookery — with a French chef! — and leather work, from which I have a pair of fine leather and pewter bookends. During the war she and my mum went to craft classes at their local community hall in Denton, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, where they made brooches out of cardboard and sealing wax. Sadly but predictably, none of these brooches has survived the intervening years.

(Copyright: Ailsa Holland, 2022)

Twitter: @ailsaHolland


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