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Alison Boyle is the author of The Typing Man, shortlisted in the Mslexia awards from over 2,000 entries. Published under the name A.T. Boyle, the story morphed into performances at Liverpool’s Bluecoat arts centre and a perambulation through L1 shopping centre with an audience of over 8,000 people.

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“There’s a small but powerful story hidden in The Typing Man – the woman’s story that lies within. There is also the story of the relationship between Fıstıkçı and The Typing Man. This story has impressed me. Alison has greatly captured the city, the spirits of the city, surrounded by hustle and bustle. She has reflected the rhyme of the city like an Istanbulli, a place where she truly belongs. The mood of the city is nicely written. It’s a moving saddening love story filled with lively characters from around Istanbul. The writer narrates the story so well that it inspires the reader’s curiosity.” Jale Sancak


Jale Sancak is President of the Istanbul Galatapera Culture and Arts Foundation. She writes and performs with Kara Kutu Tiyatro.

Jale was awarded the Haldun 2001 Taner Short Story Prize, the 2014 Duygu Asena Novel Award, and the 2018 Attila Ilhan Novel Prize.


A short story written for radio by A.T. Boyle was placed in the final twenty of 1,700 submissions to BBC Radio 4’s Opening Lines competition. A co-authored novel with Terry Boyle and related exhibition at the People’s History Museum in Salford enabled experiences of the North of England’s artificial textile industry to be shared more widely.


Alison was founding and managing editor of a BBC magazine with weekly sales of 60,000 copies. She has worked as a publisher of books and digital in London, Cambridge, Oxford and Bath, and written extensive magazine content, launching online children’s book reviews for Wanadoo.

Findings from a Master of Science in Education, Technology and Society were published alongside Michael Rosen in the inaugural eJournal of the University of Winchester.

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Writing Conventions – What’s new? was awarded a Distinction by the University of Bristol in 2008. This research investigated the use of online social networks for in-depth commentary on fiction.

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Below is a selection from over fifty children’s books, some published under a pseudonym:

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The idea for Wishing Bird began as a biro doodle on scrap paper. It grew into different versions of ‘dummy’ books featuring cut-outs and flaps and other interactive elements made by the author.

The resulting picturebook about self-esteem published by Puffin features artwork by the illustrator of Rumble in the Jungle.

Whose Hat Tafo crop Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 21.19.07
Children at the Juliet Johnstone school, Tafo, Ghana.

World book day school visit Blackley 20.04.31
World Book Day in Blackley, Greater Manchester, with Wishing Bird

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Blog post 1 The world was different back then

Authors Electric an independent e-publishers’ network.

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Blog post 2 Why We Write 

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Blog post 3 – Bee-rocracies & Hierarchies

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a page from the story How Bees BeBee breakfast


Review of The Dance of the Eagle and the Fish: ‘A terrific story… with a timeless quality’ (School Librarian magazine)

Dance of the Eagle and the Fish review

 Outsideinworld review

even longer feathers

Project management and commissioning overview

Alison Boyle supports the development of Literature in the North for Arts Council England.

She was previously Publisher of a £1m programme of books and digital for the Hachette Group, where she liaised with senior consultants and writers.

Before that…

Launch editor and manager of BBC Worldwide’s Playdays magazine and books (4 years). Close involvement with TV production team and performers. Featured Zoe Ball and Dave Benson Phillips. Weekly magazine with sales of 60,000 units launched the careers of artists including Nick Sharratt and Angie Sage.

Consultant on rebranding DK children’s, creating graphics and text.

Commissioned content based on film and play scripts. Editorial on children’s products including Random House and Penguin. Launch editor of a Reader’s Digest US magazine and creative consultant on Michael Rosen’s Reading Revolution website.

Wrote regular articles and book reviews for Nursery World (5 years), articles for the TES and Society of Authors. Launched Wanadoo (now Orange) online baby book reviews.

Launch publisher of a music and narrative list with Music Sales, featuring spoken audio and original music.

Author of 50+ books including picturebooks with Walker, Puffin, Milet and Scholastic. Library loans over a 5-year period reached 183,000. Several authored titles have sold over 60,000 copies.

Appeared at Cheltenham, Lowdham and Oxford Festivals. Trained members of Writers in Oxford as festival volunteers to interview authors. Supported the visits of Orhan Pamuk, Jan Mark and the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Editor then Senior Editor commissioning book and audio series for Marks & Spencer.

Content editor for Postman Pat magazine and games.

Copywriter on a quarterly books review magazine owned by Bertelsmann.

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