Create your own exObject

Think of an object that reminds you of someone or something important. 

Write 50 – 300 words about your object.
Or record a voice file up to 3 minutes long.

Send us…
1. Your writing or voice file.
2. An image (this doesn’t have to be an image of your object – it can be a photo or painting or textile or other kind of artwork that reminds you of the object).
3. A label for your image/object saying where it’s from and why it’s important to you (up to 30 words).
4. A short description of what your image/object looks like (up to 50 words).

Email your exObject piece to us at: exObjects2022 @

plants with cactus small.Your writing will be combined with other contributions
in a medley of reminiscences.

We will help you put your exObject together. You can ask us questions by direct messaging us on X: @exObjects.

Please note: By taking part in the exObjects collaboration you’re agreeing that your contribution can be shown on this website and in related media and activities. This is a non-exclusive license agreement, where you retain copyright in your work and are free to show it elsewhere.


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