Create your own exObject

Create your own exObject

1. First choose an object that reminds you of someone or something important.

2. Write about why the object is important to you. Use your imagination as well as including a few facts about your object (150 – 300 words).

3. Decide on an image. This doesn’t have to be the object that inspired your writing. It can be a painting or a textile or other kind of artwork connected to what you want to say.

4. Write a short caption describing your image (1 – 30 words).

Email your words, a photo of your object and a caption describing your image to: exObjects2022 @

plants with cactus small.Your writing will be combined with other contributions
in a medley of reminiscences.

We will help you put your exObject together. You can ask us questions by direct messaging us on X: @exObjects.

Please note that by taking part in the exObjects collaboration you’re agreeing that your contribution can be shown on this website and in related media and activities. This is a non-exclusive license agreement, where you retain copyright in your work and are free to show it elsewhere.


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