About Artificial Silk

We bring talented people together and make things happen.

– Writing, visuals, performance, text to movement

great contrast flowers on green med by Theresa Benny
Mimusops elengi flowers collected and sewn in Kerala, copyright Theresa Benny

In 2022 we began making exObjects together:

‘Keys of a Lost House’ #1 by Devasiachan Benny

‘Lost Garden of a Lost House’ #2 by Devasiachan Benny
‘My Home and Garden’ #3 by Devasiachan Benny

‘Sadabahar’ by Sauma Afreen

Read more exObjects here.


Multimedia performances

Typing Man projection perf med

‘The Typing Man’ story was adapted for an experience with graphics and composed sound at the Bluecoat in Liverpool. Read about the creative team.

Take a bow Typing Man cast

Written by A.T. Boyle, the story was shortlisted in the Mslexia awards from over 2,000 entries. Alison played the narrator in the drama.

You can look inside and a buy a copy of ‘The Typing Man’ eBook

The Typing Man by [A. T. Boyle, Gül Turner]

To buy a limited edition book printed in Cumbria in Northern England featuring original illustrations, email: exObjects2022 @ gmail.com


Gül Turner translated the story. Here she is with two young creative letter writers for ‘The Typing Man and the Turkish’ Woman community events.

Community projects exhibition, audio, making

‘Ban the Ban on Barmaids!’ protest, perambulation and devised performance, a political theatre comedy in Northern England.


Part of the Women in Comedy festival whose director Hazel O’Keefe won a Power Women Award in 2017.


Community projects

Photo of 2 girls and Mum
22,571 visitors of all ages took part in ‘Colours, Community & Chemistry’ at the People’s History Museum in Northwest England.

Artificial silk is a textile too. From the eve of the Second World War this transformative textile was made in the northwest of England in a huge factory where workers from all continents worked side by side. Filaments of silk from the cellulose in wood were twisted together and woven into clothes, war-time parachutes, sanitary wear including pads, items for hospitals, and many other forms. M&S used artificial silk for their popular nighties. Artificial silk was exported all over the world.



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