Writing and translating

Gül Turner comes from Istanbul and lives in the Northwest of England.

A. T. Boyle comes from the Northwest of England and regularly visits Istanbul.

Gül Turner was born in the cosmopolitan city of Turkey where a man was observed working on a manual typewriter in a public park by A.T. Boyle, author of the short story The Typing Man. After graduating in Journalism and Public Relations, Gül completed a Master’s in Marketing.

She worked as a cultural correspondent on the Turkish newspaper Millyet and for the Turkish publisher Dogan. Gül has organised cultural events and literature festivals in the UK and Turkey. She co-edited a short story anthology The Book of Istanbul published by Comma Press, and contributed to an evening of Turkish stories in Liverpool in 2013.

GulInLiverpoolGül Turner with two young creative letter writers in Liverpool, part of The Typing Man community events

Zerrin Özalp Öztarhan, the proof-reader of the Turkish text, is an experienced editor based in Istanbul. Together, she and Gül ensured that the Turkish story made an engaging read for readers of the Turkish as well as working as an authentic translation of the English text.

A. T. Boyle is the author of The Typing Man, which was shortlisted in the Mslexia awards. She has written extensive magazine and online content and launched online book reviews for Wanadoo.


Alison was founding and managing editor of a BBC magazine with weekly sales of 60,000 copies. She has worked as a publisher of books and digital in London, Cambridge, Oxford and Bath.

Her Master’s research into commentary on fiction using online networks Writing Conventions – What’s new? was published alongside Michael Rosen in the inaugural issue of Write4Children One of her short stories was placed in the final twenty of 1,700 submissions to a BBC Radio 4 competition.

Roald Dahl
Alison wrote the children’s version of a story created for adults by the Turkish author and activist Aziz Nesin. Workshops about this tale of love between two very different creatures, called The Dance of the Eagle and the Fish, ran at the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre. The name Aziz Nesin is used for a character in Alison’s story The Typing Man.

Author, translator and editor had some elucidating exchanges during the making of The Typing Man. These included multiple emails and phone calls between Manchester, Liverpool and Istanbul about the alternative words for ‘office’ in Turkish (mentions of an ‘office’ become ironic in the story) and the use of accents on people’s names in Turkey. Gül visited Istanbul for translation meetings with Zerrin.

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